canstockphoto11612607If your bank account is always down to nothing after paying  the monthly household expenses, you are not alone. Holding on to a dollar can be quite a challenge sometimes. There are ways you can build your Savings, even if you are living paycheck to paycheck. Here are some ways you can give your savings account some real muscle.


If you only have a checking account, you should also open a savings account with your bank. You can use your checking to pay your monthly expenses while putting away that extra money into your savings account. This way you won’t be tempted to overspend.


Plan a family meeting to talk about your financial goals. Believe it or not, kids can be quite resourceful. They can think of ways to help increase your savings account. Write down all suggestions, no matter how silly it may sound. You may come out with some great ideas.


Get Yourself a Piggy Bank. Kids aren’t the ones that get to save their pennies. After you do your shopping, empty your pockets of the change that you have left over and place it in the jar. There are money counters with a digital readout to let you know how much money you have collected. You can create a fun experience by turning this into a game. Allow the to kids scavenge the house for loose change to put in their jars. Take them to a coin machine to cash it in at least once a month. The proceeds can be added to your Savings.


Pay Off Your Debt. Once you pay off your credit card or car payments, add that amount of money to your savings account every month. Pretend that you don’t have that extra money so you can boost your savings.

Create extra money. There are ways that you can squeeze money out of your expenses. For example, you can pack your lunch instead of buying lunch every day. You can save about thirty dollars a week with a family of four.

Whenever you receive a raise from your job, pretend that you didn’t get it. Place that money in your savings account. You can even have it transferred to your account every pay period so you won’t even miss it.

Find alternative income streams. Your family can come together and gather ideas on ways to earn some extra money. Perhaps, you can do some odd jobs by dog walking, mowing lawns, raking leaves or cleaning houses for your neighbors. If you have some antiques or other items sitting around the house collecting dust, how about selling on eBay? Someone out there may pay a good price to own them, especially if the items are in good condition.

These are just a few ideas on how you can quickly build your Savings. Get creative and come up with some ideas on your own, so you can watch your money grow and potentially build wealth for your family sooner than you think.


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