canstockphoto16801980It seems that everyone is trying to separate consumers from their heard earned money nowadays. I’m not only talking about businesses. You should also be aware of scammers. One way they attempt to steal from people are through credit card scams.


There are  advantages to using credit cards. It is an easy way to make purchases and to build your credit. You also have the option to use debit cards. Banks issue debit cards with Visa and Mastercard logos so that you can easily make purchases from your checkings account whether you are shopping at your local stores or online. Although, this is  convenient you are responsible for keeping your credit cards safe.

Scammers are always looking for new ways to gain access to your accounts. They will use every trick in the book to steal your information without your knowledge, which will sometimes create problems when it comes time for you to clear the situation with the banks or credit card companies.


Try these Four Important Steps to Avoid Falling Victim to Credit Card Theft


Make Sure Your Credit Cards are in a Safe Place

Know where your credit cards are at all times. Whenever you make a purchase never place your credit card on the counter. If the clerk need to swipe your card, make sure the she give it back to you. Shopping during the holidays when it’s hectic poses the biggest threat when it comes to keeping your credit card safe.

You should always be aware of your surroundings. Pick pocketers can steal your wallet from your back pocket or an unzipped purse without your knowledge. You may think that you misplaced your credit cards until you either receive a telephone call from the credit card company about unusual transactions or when you receive your next statement.


Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information to a Stranger

Never give out your credit card number over the telephone. If someone ever contact you about a bill payment, ask for the website address or a place where you can pay locally. Better yet, you can simply tell them that the check is in the mail. Scammers will always find ways for people to give out their personal information by disguising themselves as a legitimate company.


Fill Out The Credit Card Slips Completely

If you ever used your credit cards at a restaurant, did you just sign the receipt? This is not recommended since someone else can easily fill it in and you will be charged more money. If you are leaving a tip on the table, you can take extra measures by writing the actual amount of the bill on the “total amount” line. Make sure to keep a copy to compare it to your next credit card statement.


Examine Your Credit Card Carefully When It’s Returned

When you give your credit card to a waitress or cashier, examine your card when you get it back. A few seconds is all it takes for them to do a bait and switch on your card. Be sure that it is your credit card and not a fake.


Keeping your credit cards in a safe place, filling out your credit cards slips completely, examining your credit cards when it’s returned and never giving your personal information to complete strangers are Four Important Steps to Avoid Falling Victim to Credit Card Theft. Credit card scammers are everywhere looking for their next victim. Use these methods to your advantage to protect your credit cards and keep your finances safe to avoid the headaches down the road.


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