canstockphoto17525264Are you looking for ways to make your money grow? You may be thinking that it’s impossible to save, especially on your salary. The good news is there are a variety of ways to Save Money even if you’re living on minimum wage. Budgeting is by far one of the best ways to build your savings. How do you create a budget on your current salary? Here are a few strategies you can use to save yourself some money:



How much are you spending on entertainment each month? Do you go to the movies every week? Are you meeting with your friends regularly at your favorite restaurants or at the mall? If so, you should try a money saving alternative that may actually be a lot more fun.

If you’re going to the movies regularly, there is a good chance that you are spending more money than you think. After you’ve spent money on your ticket and refreshments your trip to the theater may cost over $20. You can save a lot more money by joining a movie rental club like Netflix. The cost of renting movies is significantly lower than taking a trip to the movie theater. This will also save you money on gas.


Invite your friends over instead of dining out. You all can take turns inviting each other over for dinner. Serving home cooked meals with juice, beer or a glass of wine is a good example of how you can enjoy a meal that will cost less than $25.


In addition to enjoying dinner together, you can add some entertainment by playing card games, watching sports or just reminiscing. This will allow you to enjoy time with your friends while you’re saving money. You will also have more freedom to do what you in the privacy of your home rather than being in a crowded movie theater.



Household expenses can be very costly. There are a few ways you can easily save money by simply cutting back. The electric bill is one of the most expensive monthly bills. You can save money by making sure all of the lights are turned off if you’re not in the room, purchasing energy saving appliances and turning on the heater or air conditioner only when you’re at home. You can also spend less time in the shower or purchase an energy saving showerhead to help reduce your water bill.

Are you struggling to pay your cell phone bill? If your monthly bill is too expensive, maybe it’s time to change your plan. You can get in contact with your cell phone service provider and ask if they have cheaper rates available. Another option is to switch to another company. Prepaid cell phone services is also a great option. There are 60, 90 and 120 minute plans. However, this is only good if you don’t talk or text a lot.

Make sure to review your contract with your current provider to avoid paying a hefty amount to cancel the service.


What about your cable television expenses? If you have premium channels, then you’re spending a lot of money on your monthly cable bill. There is a great chance that you aren’t watching all of the channels. You can save a significant amount of money by getting in contact with customer service and ask to change to a less expensive package.



Don’t forget to review your insurance policies regularly to ensure you are getting what you need. Whether you have life, homeowner’s, rental or auto insurance there is a good chance that your circumstances have changed from when you first got coverage. Go through all of your insurance policies to make sure that it suits your needs for the amount that you are paying. Compare prices in your area or search online for better deals.


Pay Cash

Always pay cash money for all of your purchases instead of using credit cards. Take enough cash to pay for the items that you need and leave your credit cards at home. This will prevent paying unnecessary money on interest charges.


You don’t have to make a six figure salary to save money. Start where you are, use these ideas and even come up with some on your own to get you on your way to financial prosperity.

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