canstockphoto10046761In the summer months, the temperatures are on the rise and many people try to find a way to stay cool. Air conditioners are a great way to provide comfort, but it can consume many units of electricity. This can be an expensive way of regulating temperatures as the summer may prolong to four months. As the summertime approaches, many households are looking for ways to lower their electric bills. There are a number of ways on how to Lower Electric Bill In Summer and it includes the following:


Keep the shades or blinds closed

During the summer months, temperatures tend to increase greatly and this will make the home an uncomfortable place to be. Keeping your shades or blinds open, most of the energy from the sun will get in and your house will heat up hence need for an air conditioner. This may greatly increase your electric bills. Closing your blinds, shades and turning off  the lights will go a long way in cooling your house as the level of heat will decrease greatly.


Leak free house

Make sure that your house is leak free! In the morning time, you will find that air in the house is cool but if there is an opening, then the cool air will escape and the hot air will come in. This therefore requires that you call a professional to assess your house to ensure that it does not have leaks. An energy professional or contractor will use a diagnostic tool to find out areas where cool air might escape from. On the other hand ensure that all doors or windows are closed so as to maintain the cool air inside throughout the day.


Unplug your electronics

There may be a number of electronic gadgets in your home which consume a lot of electricity. With the changes in technology, many electronic gadgets use a lot of electricity even when it’s turned off. It is best to unplug them from the sockets. It is highly recommended that you make use of a smart strip or surge protector to make it easier to unplug all of your electronics at once with just a flick of a switch.


Make Use of Energy Star Electronics and Appliances

Energy Star electronics and appliances are designed to conserve energy and will help you to save on your electric bill. Since air conditioning units are used more in the summer time or even year around in places with a warm climate, using Energy Star air conditioners can help you to save money. If you prefer to use wall or window air conditioners, make sure to buy the appropriate size. A large air conditioner will use a lot of electricity and take up more space.


Avoid Using The Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers use a lot of energy and at the same time it produces a lot of heat. Instead of using the clothes dryer, hang your Laundry on a clothes line outside to save on your electricity bills. You can save more money by using the washing machine less. Wash your clothes when you have a full load instead of washing a few pieces at a time.

All of the methods above are a few ways to lower your electric bill during the summer. Take action now and watch your bills gradually decrease while you’re comfortable in your home without emptying your wallet.





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