canstockphoto6371452The cold weather have taken over much of the United States and abroad. Cold weather means high heating bills and fighting off the cold draft for many people. There are a few changes you can make in your home in order to save money on your heating bill. Here are ways you can begin Winterizing Your Home on a Budget in 5 Easy Steps.

1. The first step you can take to winterize your home is to seal off any cracks or draughty areas. These areas are going to  allow heat out and this is money going down the drain. Instead of paying someone to come out to your home to seal off the draughty areas, you can take a trip to your local hardware or  department store to buy some caulk and seal off those leaks yourself. Taking this step will save you a couple of hundred dollars on your heating bill.


2. Whenever you are looking for leaks, make sure to check in areas that are commonly overlooked. Let’s take dryer vents for example. Check your dryer since this is one of the commonly missed areas along with the windows in your attic or basement. Use plastic for other windows in your home, especially if they are draughty.


3. If you happen to find draughty windows in your home, replacing them may not be in your budget right now. If this is the case you can seal off the windows with plastic designed for your windows. The plastic will go on the inside of your home instead of outside. It is very easy to apply and you can seal off your entire home with less than a day’s work.


4. To apply the plastic, outline the windows with double sided tape. Apply the plastic and then blow dry the plastic to shrink it to the window size. This will seal out all of the cold air and keep the warm air inside.


5. Make sure that you cover any areas that have an AC unit. Remove the AC unit and seal up the area if it’s possible. If it is impossible to remove the AC, purchase a cover to keep the warm air from seeping in. Make sure you unplug the AC from the outlet. If anyone try to use it there is a good chance that toxic fumes will build up.  (Don’t forget to remove the cover before plugging the AC back into the outlet once the weather gets warmer).


The steps that’s mentioned above are relatively easy tasks. You may have to spend a weekend sealing up windows, cracks and vents, but the alternative is far worse. Each year many people are wasting hundreds of dollars trying to keep their houses warm. Please don’t make the same mistake. Taking these steps will get you on your way to saving hundreds of dollars to build your savings or to do the things you enjoy the most while keeping warm and cozy throughout the winter.

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